Friday, September 28, 2012

Learn how to write Lesbian Fiction from Elizabeth Sims!

Sunday, October 21, 2012  3-5pm

Elizabeth Sims will read from her current work as well as from a
 best-loved classic or two, and she’ll discuss how to write terrific
 lesbian fiction. Known for her incisive wit and entertaining speaking
style, Elizabeth will share her hard-won wisdom on storytelling, getting
 published, and living a creative life.    Bring your sense of humor and your questions!

Refreshments will be served.  $5 Donation Requested  All Accessible Room Downstairs

Monday, September 17, 2012

See a clip from our event with Kelly Barth!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Join us today at the Mazer in West Hollywood!


Sunday, September 16, 2012  3-5pm

Eloise Klein Healy introduces author Kelly Barth

 Kelly is visiting us all the way from Kansas! Kelly Barth, like many American kids, went to Sunday school, sang songs about Zaccheas, and was tucked in with bedtime prayers. A typical Christian kid, that is, until she developed a searingly deep crush on another little girl playing afterhours in church, and more importantly, until Jesus-a tiny, imaginary Jesus, one that stays "safely tucked behind the baseboard or the petals of a peony"-became her invisible friend and constant companion. Her book My Almost Certainly Real Imaginary Jesus is heartbreakingly honest and hilarious, it shows just how easy it can be to fall headlong into fundamentalism, venturing into the very heart of enemy territory and the church's false promises of altar calls and sexual cures. In the spirit of Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies, this debut memoir is plainspoken, speaking with candor and insight. Barth particularly addresses the disconnect between the radical and very human Jesus of history and the church's supernatural savior. She asks the question to all in the closet-both closet Christians and closet homosexuals: Which is more difficult, admitting to being Christian or admitting to being gay? An answer is found in her own hard-won journey, a hopeful answer that is an "attempt to leave a record of the early signs of the turning and softening of a collective heart." Giving voice to many who have searched for sanctuary in a church that has largely rejected them, this story pauses at the threshold of one of a growing number of churches which, in opening the door to her and other homosexuals, welcome Jesus back inside as well.Join us for this book reading/signing with Kelly and a Q&A with Kelly and Eloise!

This is an all accessable event.  $5 Donation requested Snacks & Drinks will be served.    

Please note that there is another event in our building.  One Archives is having an exhibit that will go out into the flat parking lot across the street from noon to 5pm.  That event is open to you as well and is an GLBT exhibit.  We recommend parking at a meter if possible (they are free on Sundays) and/or the tall parking structure attached to the library is also available.  Please read all signs before you park.

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