Saturday, March 21, 2009

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This month's IN THE LIFE commemorates Women's History Month by focusing its lens on popular representations of LGBT women in television and cinema, highlighting the stories and the collaborations behind them.

In January 2005, IN THE LIFE went behind-the-scenes of the, then, new and groundbreaking hit drama, The L Word. As the provocative and controversial series enters its 6th and final season, we take a nostalgic look with the cast and creators who made it the cutting-edge portrayal of lesbian life and culture on television.

A CONVERSATION WITH… Julianne Moore and Christine Vachon
Long-time collaborators, screen actress Julianne Moore and Killer Films co-founder and producer Christine Vachon talk about lesbian representation in film, the state of queer cinema and homophobia in Hollywood.

In 1986, critics hailed the film Desert Hearts as a one of "undeniable power,” unique in its portrayal of the intimate relationship of two women in love. It remains one of the top-grossing lesbian features of all time. The film's star, Patrice Charboneau, and director Donna Deitch remember the excitement of its production.

“Women Through The Lens” begins airing March 1st, and will be available for free video streaming and downloadable podcasts from the IN THE LIFE website starting March 2nd. To find out when it will air in their local areas, to stream or download it, viewers should go to