Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JOIN US Sunday, March 1, 2009 3-5pm

The First Women's Olympic Marathon was in Los Angeles in 1984. Before that time they said women could not run a marathon!
What is the most important moment in Lesbian and Women's History for you?
Sunday, March 1, 2009 3-5pm
Celebrate Women's History Month at The Mazer Lesbian Archives :
Women's Roundtable
Come and share your most important moment in Lesbian & Women's History
Bring some personal papers, journals, a photo to share or donate OR just bring yourself and get into the discussion with us!

Mark your calendar for April 5th !
When we have Ann Giagni
Giving a talk about Alternative Investments : Gold and Silver!

Disclaimer: Ann has no certification in investing. She is self educated.
She is a member of the board of The Mazer Archives. Ann is presenting as a private citizen and in no way represents the board.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet Jinx Beers Sunday, February 1st at 3PM!

Meet Jinx Beers!
Sunday February 1, 2009
at The June Mazer Lesbian Archives
Get your copy of Jinx Beers' new autobiography! Jinx is generously donating all proceeds from her memoirs to The Mazer!
Her book will be available on February 1st. Limited signed, numbered edition of the book will be available for a donation of $35 at this event. All others will be available for $20. Jinx will be speaking as well as autographing books for a donation of $20. If you cannot attend the event you may order a book by sending a request via our email or by web site by using paypal.
Jinx Book Jinx is the founder of The Lesbian News.
Talk & book signing will be downstairs in an all accessible room.
Refreshments will be served.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sally Miller Gearhart Left Out of "MILK" Lesbian History Will Not Be Left Behind.

Sally at a San Francisco Pride Parade holding out her shirt which says, "Lesbian Agenda."

I was recently watching “MILK” in the theater and felt a familiar anger when yet another courageous woman, a Lesbian, was blatantly ignored. Who made this film anyway, a clueless straight guy? No, actually. Here in lies the problem. “MILK” is not a documentary, but a lesbian filmmaker doing research to make this movie could not help but be inspired by the lesbians involved in the real story. She would not allow Sally Miller Gearhart's contribution to lesbian and gay rights be passed over or left on the cutting room floor. The exclusion of Gearheart’s contribution is far too important and too empowering to even consider changing this history.
The next time a young lesbian looks at me a bit puzzled when I talk about The Mazer Lesbian Archives and says, “Why do we need a lesbian archive in 2009 anyway?”
I will calmly say, “Whenever you see a film like “MILK” you will never leave the theater thinking, “I wish someone like me had been as brave as Harvey Milk. You will know that indeed, someone like you, Sally Miller Gearhart, actually was as brave as Harvey Milk."

Today we honor Sally Miller Gearhart. Her activism over these many years has been absolutely courageous. Look at the clip of this brave teacher who stood up and faced John Briggs head on. She worked side by side with Harvey Milk in 1978 to defeat the Briggs Initiative which would have prevented lesbians and gays or those who supported lesbian and gay rights from working in public schools in California. It is easy to see that Gearhart had far more to lose than Harvey Milk. You have to decide. In that crucial time Gearhart was not a politician, but a human being who stood to lose her entire career,not just an election.
Angela Brinskele
February 2, 2009
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