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Check out this video of Lesbian Pulps...The Mazer Lesbian Archives has a complete collection!

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Some of the best people are lesbians: Ann Bradley

Ann Bradley changed the lives of Lesbians in Los Angeles and beyond when she started the "Lesbian Writers' Series" in November of 1984 at A Different Light Books in Silverlake.  Countless lesbian authors and attendees will be forever indebted to Ann for giving them a space, an audience and a wonderful alternative to the bars. 

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Join the Mazer Lesbian Archives will be at the West Hollywood Dyke March this year on Friday, June 11th @ 7pm!

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CHECK THIS OUT: A Tribute to Del Martin

 This is a wonderful video and you will be so touched by it!
Click here :A Tribute to Del Martin

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DINAH Weekend: One Woman's Perspective

 This is not a historical document.  This is one woman's memories of decades of DINAH.

I have been going to DINAH weekend for over twenty five years now.  So this photo is still mind blowing to me on some level.  You see, when women used to go to Palm Springs for DINAH weekend they really went to the actual Dinah Shore Golf Tournament. Back then, if you didn't know a lesbian with a condo in Palm Springs,  you could not go to a women's party in the desert. I remember many years like this.  Those years seemed extra dark on those desert nights. Slowly, it seemed, public dances for women started happening more and more.  Country western dancing and Kate Clinton doing comedy at The Desert Palms Inn. Gay bars would have women's night just on that particular weekend.  CC Construction, Daddy Warbucks, and others did this.  A party for women in an airplane hanger at the Palms Springs Airport.  Then, for the first time, in a big hotel, I stood starring as an escalator took me down into room with 500 lesbians.  I was stunned. Was this a dream?  Wait, yes in fact this was an actual dream I had had many times.  Now it was really happening.  It seemed everyone around me was feeling the same way.   I remember all of us walking around like people in a dark room trying to decide if they could believe their own eyes. I will always be grateful to both Club Skirts and Girl Bar for that night.   I knew things were changing after that.  A few years later I would hear young women in the hotel lobby say, "Golf tournament?,  where's the field?" I knew the tournament was a thing of the past for non-golfer dykes.  Lipstick lesbians seemed like they first came out at these events.  They were all the rage through the 90's.  It was about this time that a straight friend told me, "Hey it's really chic to be a lesbian now!" 

If you have memories of DINAH weekend you'd like to share with us, please email us at

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Some of the best people are lesbians. Meet Pat Parker

"After my first relationship with a women I knew where I was going" 
Pat Parker was a feminist and a poet, an activist and a member of the Black Panther Movement.  She founded the Black Women's Revolutionary Council.

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Some of the best people are lesbians. Meet Carolyn Weathers

Carolyn Weathers (left) and her sister Brenda (right) were out lesbians in Texas by 1961.  Yes, you read that right! Brenda was thrown out of Texas Woman's University in 1957 because she would not deny her lesbianism.  Later in the 1960s the sisters moved to California where they continued courageously fighting the good fight for Gay and Lesbian Rights. 
You can read Carolyn's stories of their adventures together and other adventures of Carolyn's as well (Like the most  recent story posted of Carolyn at 13 falling in love with the Queen of England).
 Read it now!

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Some of the best people are lesbians. Meet Beverly Hickok.

 One of our long time supporters has recently donated her entire collection (spanning eight decades) to the Mazer Archives.  Come back often and get to know this wonderful Lesbian Librarian.

Beverly Hickok

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Happy New Year 2010!

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